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Outlook 2013 on raw materials, environment, energy and European plan for steel

Federacciai in an annual report summarizes the many activities carried out during 2012 related to energy, the environment and CO2 emissions, the enhancement of steel slag and the contribution made to the Plan for the European steel that Vice President of the Commission European Union, Antonio Tajani, will present on June 11. Above all, however, the association of national lists all the objectives and progress of the various initiatives proposed for these issues and the strategies to achieve them. Attention, finally, the data drawn from the 2012 New Campsider related to the wreck.
The European Plan for steel Italy, the voice of Federacciai, represented at the table by Duferco, Arvedi, Riva and Tenaris, he held a very important role in the High Level Round Table meeting of the leading steel mainland, to help to define a European Steel announced in the spring of 2012 to the Enterprise Commissioner, Antonio Tajani, which will be presented on June 11. The close cooperation that the Italian association has entered into negotiations with Vice-President Tajani has resulted in the preparation of a plan of aid to accompany the closure and restructuring, identifying a mechanism that puts safety in the availability of scrap in Europe to prepare a revision of the ETS for the period after 2020 analyzing the impact of the same on electricity prices, making demands on member states to freeze for two years, taxation for the energy load of energy-intensive industries and requesting to reduce or energy-intensive businesses exempt from charges related to renewable and infrastructure. Energy Great efforts have been made by Federacciai to untangle the skein related to energy. First, weaving comparisons with Terna and the Authority for Electricity and Gas for the renewal of the service interruption. Following the meetings with Terna also illustrated Federacciai companies the possibility of progress proposed by the operator for the energy interconnector project, they see, now, the Swiss border in the most advanced stage. With Article 39 of the Decree Law June 22, 2012, 83, the Government marked the official start of the revision of the system of excise duties on energy products and electricity as well as the general system charges electric companies in energy-intensive, providing for the subsequent acts rimoduleranno system of excise duties and charges. In this direction, the association of producers is committed with Confindustria and the Ministries of expertise to find the bill that would represent in the best way system priorities steel, directly involving the companies. In the energy sector, the targets set for 2013 materialize with the Ministerial Decree of 5 April (...)
Environment The industry's attention to environmental sustainability finds evidence in the third "Environmental Report" prepared by Federacciai in 2012, which features the publication of the 'Conclusions on Best Available Techniques for the production of iron and steel (BAT). " The publication provides aggregated information regarding the year 2011 on the adoption of environmental management systems, sustainable investments, CO2 emissions, pollutant emissions, production and destination of the waste, consumption of natural resources, water, energy. With the 'Conclusions on Best Available Techniques for the production of iron and steel (BAT)', the steel industry is the first industry to have a document drawn up in line with the stringent environmental provisions. (...)
And CO2 Emissions Trading From 1 January 2013 is taken the third phase of the European Emissions Trading Scheme which has, compared to the second, numerous innovations in terms of application, method of allocation and quota management and monitoring of emissions. In July 2012, the European Commission published the EU Regulation. 601/2012 are fixed in which new rules for monitoring, reporting of greenhouse gas emissions. Among the aims there was to standardize all EU countries and to simplify the formalities for businesses. Translated in fact, the new regulation has introduced complex and burdensome procedures. Federacciai covered in particular the challenges connected to the passage of monitoring CO2 emissions based on the mass balance method, which applies to electric furnace process, which is critical in the determination of the carbon content in the scrap. Federacciai then opened a comparison with the competent national authority which has led to a proposal for a shared solution that, although in compliance with European regulations, has avoided unnecessary outlays in calculating emissions. (...)
(...) The enhancement of steel slag Federacciai, in 2012, he continued to work on advancing the use of steel aggregates of origin for the construction of bituminous and concrete mixes, substrates and road embankments, which replace the use of material from mining activities. In this direction, on the site of the association, there is a document entitled 'The exploitation of aggregates of origin Steel - The steel slag: from problem to resource', which illustrates data, examples, conditions for obtaining the CE marking .
Scrap - New Campsider Maurizio Calcinoni was elected in September by the shareholders of New Campsider as the new president. The data relating to the raw material by electric furnace for the year 2012 showed a decrease of 8, 7% of the total requirement of the Italian steel - 20,208,000 tons - compared to 2011, but declined by 9.6% energy of purchase. The domestic market, amounted to 12,565,000 tons, decreased by 8, 6%. Deep thud of imports from third countries, in 2012 compared to 2011, showed a decline of 24.2%. A more moderate reduction in imports by the European Union, which has declined by 3.5%. The average values in scrap prices were lower in 2012 compared to the previous year. In the face of a first part of the year in which the prices have remained high and in line with those of 2011, in the second half there was a very significant contraction with the minimum reached in October.

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